Father Funston offers an extraordinary Good Friday meditation.


Offered to the people of Grace Episcopal Cathedral, Topeka, KS

Good Friday 2012

12:10pm & 7:00pm

Sermon Audio Found on Cathedral Website

Come with me on a journey.  Come with me through the gates of Jerusalem.  The palm fronds, on the ground for five days now, have dried out and have crumbled to dust.  Each gust of wind blows the palm dust away.  Ghosts of the recent celebration.

Come with me through the Temple, past the moneychangers who have reestablished their tables, still shaking their heads at that weirdness earlier in the week.

Come with me outside the Temple, where the air is charged with the residual energy of large crowds come to hear a new teacher.  It’s empty now; only a few people rush by on their way home from the market.

Come with me into a non-descript house, to an Upper Room where the remnants of a ritual…

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